Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our new name will honor our past

When employees of General Hospital of Greater Syracuse joined the then-new Community Hospital in November 1964, the new hospital changed its name. It became Community-General Hospital of Greater Syracuse.

The name is used today without a hyphen, but the link to General Hospital was important for many. It recognized their association with a caring institution that served the community for 69 years.

Leonard Markert, Sr., a long-time community leader and a past director of Community General Hospital, once spoke earnestly to me about the linkage. "Don't forget," he said, "where we come from."

Upstate has talked about Community General's tradition of caring, even as our campus becomes part of SUNY Upstate University Hospital -- a single hospital with two campuses, as described in the Certificate of Need application.

Upstate has considered several versions of the Community General name. As we anticipate the closing of this transaction on or about July 1, the name "Upstate University Hospital at Community General" recognizes the new role of this campus, as well as "where we come from."

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Mary said...

Mr Quinn
Thank you so much for recognizing my grandfather. I started my interest in nursing as a "candy striper" in the 60s at CGH. During my time at Nursing school at SU, I did my OB/GYN clinical rotation at the hospital. Growing up there were many occasions to visit the hospital (mostly for my grandparents hospitalizations). I remember the room with their name on the door.

Currently I am a hospital pharmaceutical rep that has responsibility for my product at CGH. Yesterday I visited the hospital and when I was leaving I saw the sign coming down. It was sad for me as I also remember the effort my Grandfather put into the creation of our Community Hospital. I would love to know my Grandfather's thoughts on the new hospital.

There were some times I wanted to introduce myself to you when I would be in your office suite setting up some grand rounds sponsored by my company. Perhaps I should have.

As I walk down the hallways I love to see the pictures on the walls of the original hospital. I hope they remain.

Well, now I know my days are numbered as a rep, as Upstate's policies are different than the old CGH. I was never a problem rep and will miss educating the staff on my drug that was recently added to the formulary.

Good luck to you in the future.
Mary Elizabeth Markert RN MS PNP