Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"How excited I am . . . "

Yesterday, the Human Resources staff from Upstate University Hospital began a series of 24 meetings at Community General during April.

They are explaining the Upstate benefits and answering questions about working for Upstate. I attended the first two sessions yesterday and found the Upstate people friendly and very capable. My Community colleagues were engaged and asked good questions.

This morning, one of the employees who attended yesterday’s sessions wrote me:

My e-mail is to state just how excited I am for this new venture for me and to be part of such a large cutting edge Facility with many many opportunities for the staff at CGH.

I moved here . . . (from out-of-state) and worked in a hospital that was purchased four times. None of the owners were really interested in the hospital staff or took the time that Upstate has taken to keep the CGH staff informed.

I very much advocate for this venture and share my opinion as often as opportunity has risen . . .

The advantages Upstate brings to Community are becoming clearer day by day.

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