Monday, March 7, 2011

Thank you, all

Thank you. I want to acknowledge the special efforts made this morning by so many employees who fought the bad weather and, at considerable inconvenience and effort, reported for work at Community General Hospital.

In my 38 winters as a part of the Community family, this morning’s commute was one of the most challenging, if not the most challenging. Thank you for making the effort and following through.

I would also like to acknowledge all who stayed at their jobs after shift-change to assure that care continued for our patients.

The parking lots were “challenging” this morning when we arrived. Plant Operations had been working diligently in a difficult situation, but the weather was unrelenting. Plant Ops has done a great job all year with repeated, major winter storms.

Finally, there were a number of volunteers also made their ways to Community this morning. I thank you all.

I appreciate the commitment and follow-through of so many members of our caring family.

As I look outside at the moment, the sun is shining!

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