Thursday, March 3, 2011

Of sadness, appreciation, and optimisim

I have said it is a huge thing for Community to join the Upstate system.

It is understandable that Community General employees may feel worry or sadness about this. That was how employees of General Hospital of Greater Syracuse felt, back in 1964, when their 79-year old hospital (see photo) merged with the then-new Community Hospital on Onondaga Hill. I worked with employees who made that transition, and I remember their comments about the sadness they felt at the time.

In Upstate, Community has a strong, able, and respectful partner. This puts us in a good position to move beyond worry and sadness to appreciation for the opportunity provided. I am also excited about Community's future with Upstate.

This week's announcement by County Executive Joanie Mahoney that Onondaga County wants to work with Upstate on a plan for Van Duyn Home & Hospital is a positive sign. It offers the promise that the 110-acre campus shared by Community and Van Duyn can be part of a larger, integrated system that provides a continuum of care. The aerial photo shows the campus. The treeline separates the Community side (left) from the Van Duyn side.

Upstate's interest in working with the county and Van Duyn is another indication that Upstate is building the new health care infrastructure that will serve our region well for the coming decades.

I am proud to be a part of that future and optimistic for Community's employees.


Anonymous said...

Merge of two organization shouldn't go without consent of members.

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Tom Quinn said...

The responsibility for a not-for-profit hospital resides with its board of directors. The board has a duty to assure the organization meets the needs of the community and the patients it exists to serve. This includes collateral responsibilities, of course – for example, to employees, to medical staff, etc.

Last fall, Community’s board said in plain language what it seeks to achieve from the combination of Community with Upstate:

1. To develop the assets of Community consistent with the purpose and goals of SUNY Upstate to benefit Central New York.

2. To further the mission and function of Community in its primary service area.

3. To employ effectively Community’s health care assets, including its skilled workforce, multispecialty medical staff, plant, equipment, and property.

4. To plan a strategy for the appropriate discharge of all Community’s liabilities, and

5. To identify a role for the involvement of Community’s board members & volunteers.

Community tried to achieve these ends through earlier discussions with Crouse Hospital. Last May that planning effort ended because the goals could not be met.

I believe Community’s responsibilities will be met by becoming part of the Upstate system, and this includes not only continued and improved services for patients, but better prospects for employees, as well.