Friday, November 2, 2007

The Thanksgiving quilt

A year ago I wrote about “the Thanksgiving quilt” that was compiled by Peter McGinn[1], who was the CEO of United Health Services (UHS) in Binghamton. It was patchwork of thoughts, reflections, and aspirations reflecting the spirit of the UHS workforce.

With thanks to Peter and his colleagues at UHS, we at CGH borrowed his quilt idea this year. Yesterday posters went up, showing how the Thanksgiving quilt will look and offering instructions on how to participate. The Thanksgiving quilt is also displayed on all CGH computer splash screens.

Through November 12, members of the CGH family may drop handwritten messages into boxes that are located next to the poster displays[2]. Or simply send a brief e-mail message to

Feel free to share thoughts about family, friends, and work. Share something that makes you smile, warms your heart, or helps you meet the challenges of life.

Your messages will fill the squares of CGH’s Thanksgiving quilt during Thanksgiving week.

[1] Matt Salanger is the current President and CEO of UHS.

After his retirement from UHS last year, Peter McGinn, PhD, founded Leadership Impact “to help leaders and organizations excel by bringing out the best in people and aligning their talents with the goals of the organization.”

[2] In CGH's main lobby, in the Diagnostic Center and outside the cafeteria.

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