Friday, November 9, 2007

A positive side to Berger compliance

The Post-Standard today reports the closure of our sixth floor long term care unit on its website. Expect the news report to appear in tomorrow's paper.

Because this is a moment of change (and sadness), it's important to remind ourselves of the collaborative progress Community General Hospital has made with Onondaga County in complying with the terms of the Berger Commission.
1. The ownership of Van Duyn Home & Hospital will not change. That meets the County’s core requirement.

2. CGH and the County are in the process of forming a new corporation to coordinate campus development and plan clinical care capacity between the two organizations. CGH will have four members on the board of this company, and the County will have three members – this is consistent with the intention of the Berger Commission.

3. Another positive is the availability of some $12.8 million in state funds to help Van Duyn make improvements on its resident care units, to fund planning for the new corporation, and to retrofit CGH’s sixth floor for acute care patients. The sixth floor will be redesigned and reconstructed with advanced patient safety features and amenities for hospital patients.

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