Saturday, November 18, 2006

What I am thankful for

Each year a colleague of mine at another hospital[1] solicits words of thanksgiving from the workforce, and he publishes their statements of gratitude in a text called “the Thanksgiving quilt.” That patchwork of thoughts, reflections, and aspirations got me thinking about things I am thankful for at CGH. I am thankful for:
• All who make our patients feel welcome, safe, and respected by their thoughtful actions and by the kindness in their voices.

• All who demonstrate leadership by their knowledge and expertise, by their example, by their hard work, and by their willingness to help with new ideas and new projects.

• All who show up on time every day, who pay attention to the details of everyday work, and who do their jobs to the best of their abilities.

• All who wash their hands consistently, who follow the “red rules” of patient safety, who assure safe practices.

• All who make new employees feel welcome, who teach proper procedure and who encourage employees to feel a part of the CGH family.

• All who celebrate the birthdays, take up collections, offer congratulations at the weddings and graduations of coworkers, and who are ready to help when there is an accident, illness, or death in another’s family.

• All those who volunteer their time, who donate their money, who share their stories, and who make time to listen to others.

• All those who say hello with a ready smile, who hold open doors, who are courteous, and who pick up after themselves (and others).

• All who return to school, continue their studies, and demonstrate progress within their jobs, their professions, and their careers.

• All who respect our doctors by showing their professionalism, responsiveness, and teamwork.

• All who forego gossip and comments that can be hurtful, unkind, or thoughtless.

• All the patients who entrust to us their safety and wellbeing.

• All the doctors who have confidence in our care for their patients.

• All who have good hearts, who can see when another feels awkwardness or worry or pain – and who make efforts to help.

• Our board of directors and board advisers who give their time, their expertise, and their personal funds solely for the purpose of making Community General Hospital a better place.

• For the opportunity to work hard, to solve problems, and to be of assistance to my colleagues every day.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

[1] Peter McGinn, President & CEO at United Health Services, Binghamton, NY

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