Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our thanks this year

The Thanksgiving quilt is being displayed throughout Community General Hospital. This is a graphic tapestry displaying expressions of gratitude by employees, volunteers, and other members of the Community family.

Leading the things for which we are thankful, as in past years, are the love of family and friends (almost one-half of all comments), our jobs and coworkers (about one-fifth), and our faith, life, and health (about one-fifth).

Others are thankful for men and women in military service, for our doctors, for Community's partnership with Upstate Medical University, for the Syracuse University football team's bowl prospects -- as well as for baseball, for ice cream, for doe permits, and for the copier machines!

There are three Thanksgiving quilts posted throughout the hospital so be sure to see them all. You can read the individual comments by clicking on each of the three displayed here.

This is the fourth year we've displayed the quilts at Community General, and we borrowed the idea from Peter McGinn, past President of UHS in Binghamton, NY.

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