Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Unholy night

It’s December 24, and I recall the memoir of Dr. Jack Prior about Christmas Eve, 1944.

As Captain in the Medical Battalion of the US Army’s 10th Armored Division, Dr. Prior set up a battlefield hospital in Bastogne, Belgium. The building was destroyed in a bombing raid on December 24 with many killed or injured. Dr. Prior himself escaped only by an accident of timing.

As I’ve discussed elsewhere, I worked with Jack Prior for many years when he was Chairman of Pathology and a member of the Board at Community General Hospital in Syracuse, NY. We remained friends until his death, at the age of 90, on November 23 last year.

One of the most popular postings on this blog is Dr. Prior's compelling story, “The Night Before Christmas – Bastogne, 1944.”

Christmas Eve is a holy and festive time for many. Today I honor the memory of Dr. Prior for his brave service in the US military during a very unholy time 64 years ago.

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