Thursday, February 24, 2011

Are stand-alones an endangered species?

Today we read in the Post Standard that Auburn Memorial Hospital, Oneida Healthcare Center and probably "every hospital within 100 miles" is interested in some form of stronger affiliation with a larger health system.

In a very public way Community General Hospital has been pursuing its strategy of affiliating with another, stronger hospital since 2009.

The newspaper quotes Gary Fitzgerald, President of the Iroquois Healthcare Association:
Our region has a lot of . . . stand-alone hospitals. They just can’t afford to stay completely independent without exploring other options . . .
Last week Community General's board of directors approved a resolution that accepted Upstate’s offer to acquire our hospital and its affiliated companies. This represents progress in defining Community's future role in Central New York.

The board action is good news for the community that we serve, as well as our medical staff and hospital employees.

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to become part of SUNY Upstate's health system.

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