Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bacterium, beware

At a recent meeting of Community General Hospital's Quality Committee, Chairman Dr. David Tyler made the following comment after Sue Chamberlain concluded her report on infection control:

"If I were a bacterium, I would be very scared to see Sue in my neighborhood."

Sue Chamberlain, Community's Director of Infection Control Program at Community General Hospital will be honored November 1 by the Onondaga County Medical Society.

I have written many times about infection rates. Thanks to Sue -- and her colleague Dr. Mitch Brodey, Infectious Disease Officer -- Community's infection rates are well controlled, and our compliance with surgical infection protocols is strong.

The hospital's staff posts immunization rates that are among the best in the county, and compliance with hand washing policies by employees and physicians are consistently well above average.

Sue is routinely consulted for her infection control experience by the Department of Health and by other hospitals -- and now she will be honored by the Medical Society

I thank the Medical Society for recognizing Sue for her expertise and accomplishments.

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