Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A best friend and lifelong neighbor

Jean Yeiser was a founder and friend of Community General Hospital. She knew all about the hospital, just as a best friend and lifelong neighbor would.

Jean was a charter member of the Auxiliary (from 1962), and she was a lifetime Auxiliary member. She was Auxiliary President (1979-1983), and she served on the hospital board during that period. Jean started the holiday lights program more than two decades ago. She was chairperson of many Auxiliary committees over the years, serving notably as the chair of volunteer services for many, many years.
Jean was herself an active volunteer, and you could find her on Monday mornings on the main desk . . . until she passed away, February 20. She was 90.

In all her years in up here (that is, "he-ah"), Jean never lost her North Carolina accent -- nor the direct and friendly way she engaged and assisted others. What a dear and impressive woman. What a friend and colleague.

We are proud and thankful that Jean was such a part of the Community general family. Our sincere condolences to the Yeiser family and to her many friends.

We miss her.

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