Sunday, January 17, 2010

Two facts about a STAR doctor

At Dr. Halleran’s final meeting as medical staff president, Dr. Fred Goldberg, chief medical officer, recognized him with the STAR award for demonstrating the qualities of “Sensitivity, Thoughtfulness, Appreciation, and Respect”

A number of people nominated Dr. Halleran for the honor, and here is some of what they said:

▪ “It is not uncommon for Dr. Halleran to discuss sensitive issues with nurses and ask their input regarding patient care.”

▪ He “[w]ill support and intervene with difficult situations and patients.”

▪ “He is respectful to us as staff and always trying to make this a better place for all of us.”

▪ “He reminds me of the country doctor going door to door making house calls. More importantly, I believe he reminds all of us of what it means to truly ‘care’ for patients and each other. We are so fortunate to have him here at Community General Hospital and in our lives.”

Congratulations, Dr. Halleran. It has been a privilege to work with you in your leadership role.

Here are two facts about Dr. Halleran that may not be widely known:

▪ In October 2008 he was named one of the best doctors in Central New York by CNY Magazine.

On December 8 1980, Dr. Halleran was a surgical resident at Roosevelt Hospital in mid-town Manhattan, when the police brought in a victim of four gunshots. As he cared for the patient, someone looked through the patient's wallet for identification. The driver's license read: John Lennon.

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