Friday, April 3, 2009

Thank you, Gabriel

Congratulations to Gabriel Briggs, a senior physical therapist for Rehabilitation Services at Community General Hospital, winner of a recent WOW Award for excellent customer service.

Gabriel was nominated by a patient who complimented him for being "totally concerned" with her well being. She also commented on his care and concern for other patients.

If you've seen a member of the Community General family provide outstanding care, please make a nomination for the WOW honor. You can use a form available in the hospital lobby or online.

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Beverly.C.Sapphire {surg tech} said...

This is such a touching write up.It made me teary eyed.I am a surgical tech and also had a similar experience.Life is wonderfull.Thank you for sharing.More people should have this understanding,A good occurance can be created through a not so happy time. Thank You,Beverly Sapphire.