Saturday, April 26, 2008

Green acres

On Earth Day, April 22, twenty-five Community General Hospital employees showed their appreciation of our 42-acres of the planet.

Earth Day is about preserving and protecting the environment, and the Community people did just that. They used part of a beautiful spring afternoon to clean our campus of debris from the past year.

With temperatures near 80 degrees, the team filled some 30 large trash bags with junk. Everything from an air conditioning compressor to old car tires were found, collected and properly disposed of. (Yes, there are obvious questions: who dumps such stuff on our campus and why?)

To spark enthusiasm, there were two medallions hidden on the grounds, entitling the finders to “food-and-a-flick.”

This was our second annual Earth Day celebration to keep the campus green. It is great to see this event becoming part of the Community General tradition.

Here are the names of those who helped (and if you look carefully, you can find most of them in the photo): Jim Aiello, Michelle Berkey, Mike Brown, John Carnowski, Ann Coniski, Kristin Dombroske, Mary Gazarra, Pam Johnson, Kathy Kendrick, Deb Kurtz, Mellissa Martin, Jim O'Brien, Gillian Ottman, Judy Piedmonte, Lynnette Pittinger, Sally Ramsden, Ken Redmore, Linda Rizzo, Joan Russell, Dave Salati, Cecilia Sansone, Nancy Thompson, Tracey Van Dyke, Pauline Warboy, John Zacharek.

My thanks to all who participated in keeping the earth – and Community – beautiful!

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