Sunday, October 28, 2007

Diamonds & Denim

Last Friday evening the Community General Foundation held its annual, informal gala at the OnCenter in Syracuse with the theme “Diamonds & Denim.” The nearly 600 in attendance contributed some $189,000 to the fundraiser.

In his opening remarks Gala Committee Co-chair Mark Re, Vice President & General Manager of Gallinger RealtyUSA, said:
The “denim” is a symbol of people who roll up their sleeves and work to make a difference. The “diamonds” symbolize people who sparkle with accomplishment.
Honors were awarded for special accomplishments to the medical profession, to the community, and to Community General Hospital. The photo shows, from left, Mark Re, Dr. Drew Merritt (one of those honored ), and me.

The proceeds from Diamonds & Denim will help CGH upgrade its medical technology, including:

▪ New high-definition video equipment to improve the ability of surgeons to peer inside the body as they operate with miniature surgical tools that reduce injury and speed patient recovery;

▪ An upgraded, multi-slice CT (computerized tomography) scanner that brings faster and new imaging tests to our patients; and

▪ A state-of-the-art computerized physician order entry (CPOE) system using patient safety features available at only about ten percent of the nation’s hospitals.

The multislice CT is already in use. The high-definition video will be in place before year-end, and physicians will begin to use the new CPOE system in 2008.

We do not take for granted the support of donors to the Foundation. Thank you for your support, which directly benefits the patients of Community General Hospital.

My special thanks to Steve Johnson, Chair of the Foundation; to Gala Committee Co-chairs, Mark Re and Kim Dynka; to the Auxiliary for organizing the charity auction – and to all the volunteers who made it a fun night!

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